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"To be Indian, or to simply live in India at any period in her recorded history, is to open oneself to the benign moral influence of two epics - the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Caste, creed, colour do not matter here; what matters is the degree, range and subtlety of exposure, which in turn determines the quality of the affected person's 'Indianness', whatever that very large word means" - Professor Purushottam Lal

Oct 6, 2012

Krishna's Diary: Entry 2

The tantrums were long-drawn and tearful as predicted. 
Just when I felt I could stand no more, I had a fit of inspiration and grabbed Radha's feet.
 "Forgive me, love of my heart", I cried, voice a-tremble with false emotion, "Grace my head with your lotus feet and forgive me."

Something that corny can't possibly work, you think ? You'll be amazed.
Radha's back in the sack again with much mushy talk and protestations of endless love. Completely predictable.

Is that all life has in store for me ? Herding cows, playing the flute, bedding gullible gopinis with cliches and play-acting, always in this same little village ?
The elders say it is. 
That, as a cowherd, this is my "swadharma", determined for me by my actions in previous lives. 
That I should dedicate my life to enacting my swadharma with no thought of future reward or consequence.

Ridiculous !!
Why resign myself to a life of tedium based on supposed actions in past lives I can neither recall nor verify ?
Why act at all if I do not care about reward or consequence ?
I suspect this nonsense was dreamed up by the elders to rationalize the futility of their own narrow lives. I'm having none of it.

There must be something more than this. There has to be a way to escape this idyllic morass. There has to be.

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